The Truth About Using Prenatal Vitamins for Hair Growth

Being a multivitamin on its own and because of its hair growth benefits, many women take prenatal vitamins to support healthy hair growth, even if they are not pregnant. But how safe is this route? It turns out that prenatal vitamins are great supplements to take before, during, and after pregnancy. If you’re actively looking to get pregnant, they can also help set the environment for a baby’s development (via What to Expect).

However, if that’s not the plan, high levels of some of these nutrients can actually be harmful to your body, according to the Mayo Clinic. For example, those who want to get pregnant need about 400 to 800 micrograms of folic acid, while other adults only need 400 micrograms. Pregnant women are recommended to get 27 milligrams of iron per day, while women between the ages of 19 and 50 who aren’t pregnant only need 18 milligrams. Prenatal vitamins are meant to meet the specific amount pregnant women need, after all.

Although prenatal vitamins go some way to improving skin, hair, and nails, reproductive endocrinology and infertility specialist Dr. Lucky Sekhon tells Woman’s Day that it’s is often because of the natural change in hormones in the body. “It is true that the elements in prenatal vitamins, such as vitamin B and biotin, are good for the skin and the nails. But this is not necessarily the main reason for the growth of hair and nails”, Says Sekhon. “The reason people always talk about the benefits of prenatal vitamins is a misconception. People make a lot of associations with prenatal vitamins, such as ‘pregnancy glow’ and thicker hair. instead of vitamins, it’s largely due to the hormonal changes of pregnancy itself.”

Patricia J. Callender