The best products to cleanse the skin.

Two days before Christmas, we were lucky enough to find out that our family was growing in 2022. My eager and prepared ass kicked straight into high gear, thinking about nursery decoration, baby names and everything what comes into play when you discover the exciting news.

What I didn’t expect was to have to relive my early teen years and deal with first trimester acne.

And boy, was that female dog hanging out!

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I want to start by saying that my skin is generally dry. It can be a bit sensitive at times and my breakouts usually occur during my time of the month.

Hormones are hard to control, so I knew I had to work hard to manage the breakouts that appeared on my face.

During the first trimester, I was on a constant roller coaster, trying to maintain some sort of routine for my skin. For me, it became a matter of confidence, so I became diligent morning and night with my skincare.

I KNOW this is not the case for everyone. What I lacked in the kitchen and the cleanliness of my house (because fatigue made me feel good), I made up for it with my skin.

I’m also very aware that these breakouts are a result of my hormones running amok (especially with twins growing inside me!), but I’ve definitely found taking action helps deal with the zones much more than just just sit back and let nature take its course.

After so much trial and error, these are the products that worked for me.

I broke down the products into true MVPs that worked like crazy every day and night, and the “strong supports” that helped add a little extra raw where needed.

The MVPs.

Drying lotion Mario Badescu$25.

Image: Mecca

Patricia J. Callender