Rainbow Light Prenatal Vitamin Review – Forbes Health

On Amazon, Rainbow Light Prenatal One has 5,492 overall ratings and an average rating of 4.7 out of 5, so the majority of ratings are positive. “Just finished my first bottle – currently 19 weeks pregnant – and just ordered my second bottle,” wrote one reviewer. “These were recommended to me by my sister-in-law. They are the only prenatal vitamins she has found that have not made her nauseous…I feel great, my baby is healthy, [and] they don’t make me nauseous.

Another reviewer writes: “I had other problems early in my pregnancy with the prenatals, I had to buy a bottle and throw it away or return it (if possible) after a day or two. Others would make morning sickness worse or just make me feel gross, problems, constipation, etc. I found them during my first trimester and never went back!

However, one reviewer complained of a bad smell. “I couldn’t even finish the bottle because it stunk so badly and had mold all over it,” the reviewer wrote. “I only had about 20 left, but they’re too expensive to deteriorate so quickly.”

While other reviewers have complained about mold issues, one reviewer who spoke to Rainbow Light customer service cleared it up: it’s not really mold.

“I just hung up with the company and it’s the iron and vitamin C in the product that react to the humidity in the air, but they assured me it wasn’t mold,” wrote the reviewer. “He compared it to an avocado cut in half that will slowly brown. I am satisfied with their response and will continue to use them.

Patricia J. Callender