Organic and intestinal health the major trends in infant nutrition – Lowenzahn Organics

Currently, the company sells its products in 15 countries, mainly in Europe, as well as South Korea and mainland China.

Composed of products for mothers and babies, the company has developed a range of organic cow’s and goat’s milk formulas for newborns, complementary foods for toddlers, as well as pre and postnatal nutrition. for women.

Founded by marketing and advertising specialists Liz Sauer Williamson and Alice Mrongovius in 2016, the company’s goal is to develop products that provide nutrition within the first 1,000 days of life, and at the same time, organic, pesticide-free and gut-friendly.

“What we’re pursuing is bringing this first 1,000 day organic nutrition to market because what we’re seeing globally is that [the nutrition for] mothers and babies are not really taken into account.

“So for us, as we grow, it’s about looking for viable markets, areas where we know there’s a strong demand for high-quality organic products,” Sauer Williamson said NutraIngredients-Asia.

It started with its first infant formula product in 2017 and also a non-instant porridge that requires quick cooking afterwards.

In fact, the products quickly resonated with consumers as far away as South Korea, where the company had entered via cross-border e-commerce in early 2018 after being approached by distributors.

“It’s a market that came to us first and it was a nice surprise.

“What we found is that there is a real awareness of organic and nutrition and there was a real need or demand from this market”, said Sauer Williamson.

As a step forward, she said the company plans to sell in the South Korean market next year when the product registration is approved by the regulator.

Elsewhere in mainland China, the company has been selling 10 SKUs, including cow’s milk and goat’s milk infant formula, as well as complementary foods, through cross-border e-commerce on Tmall since late April and also participated in the event. 618 shopping.

The products were featured on Tmall after the company made contact with the e-commerce giant’s German team who wanted to experiment with new foreign products on the platform.

The company first entered China via cross-border e-commerce, as there were more barriers to entry in terms of registering products for sale in the market.

“We were really happy to find out that there was this possibility, that Tmall was also expanding its business networks for Germany-based small and medium-sized businesses into the Chinese market through their platform.

“We were quickly able to participate in different types of campaigns on Tmall and also in organic food stores based in Europe… We also participated in one of the largest shopping festival campaigns 618.

“I would say it’s an eye-opening journey for us to see how Chinese consumers relate to our products,” ​Cuilu Fan, business development manager, said.

Since then, the company has promoted its brand via WeChat, The Little Red Book, Zhihu, etc.

Within APAC, the company is currently in talks with business partners in Singapore and Japan for product distribution.

At the same time, it also filed an application with the US FDA under the discretionary enforcement policy for two of its products, namely organic pre-initial milk for newborns and follow-on milk. organic 6+.

“We are confident that we will soon be able to support moms and babies in the United States…With FDA intervention, we could more than quadruple our sales,”said Sauer Williamson.

Gut Health Trend

Another mega-trend the company has seen relates to the gut microbiome and gut health.

Sauer Williamson highlighted the importance of the gut brain axis, highlighting how the gut microbiome could impact long-term health issues.

This is also why the company has, since day one, added the prebiotic galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) in all of its formulas which are made in Austria.

What’s new?

Over the next 18 months, the company will launch pre and postnatal supplements for mothers to repair and support breastmilk production, such as prenatal snacks, supplements and superfood powders to help mothers’ development and babies.

At present, the firm has already developed bites and energy balls for pregnant women and mothers. Ingredients such as ALA omega-3s, iron, selenium and vitamin C are used in the product for pregnant women, while fenugreek, brewer’s yeast, ALA omega-3s are used in the postnatal products to support lactation.

For baby products, the company will revamp its packaging, replacing packaging made from recyclable paper with fir plastic in the fourth quarter.

The firm will also launch a vitamin C-rich gummies for toddlers.

Patricia J. Callender