Ciara’s guide to glowing skin and powerful brows

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Since rising to fame in the early 2000s, Ciara’s star power has only multiplied, from her chart-topping hits to her ever-evolving beauty. Today, the 36-year-old R&B singer and performer is back for her second episode of Vogue’s Beauty Secrets. And Ciara not only offers a glimpse into her daily beauty routine, but also talks about her new brand, OAM Skin (which stands for on a mission).

Believe it or not, Ciara — who always looks so fresh — didn’t always have a dedicated skincare regimen. She admits it wasn’t until her best friend and makeup artist Yolonda Frederick guided her to one that she began to take seriously. “Understanding how much of a game-changer it was when I went from just any type of face wash and lotion on my skin to Actually by using skincare, I was able to see the difference and consistency in my skin, which was really important,” she explains.

At the heart of OAM Skin’s five inaugural products is a Tri-C Pro Peptide Complex, which is a cocktail of three forms of vitamin C and peptides. “It helps brighten your skin, make your skin glow,” Ciara says mid-cleanse. To remove dead skin cells, it catches the OAM Lightening Padsbefore setting the eyebrows in place with Got2b Glue. “I feel like you don’t have a face without [your] eyebrows being correct,” she says. Next, Ciara applies the OAM Vitamin C Serum formulated to deliver micro-doses of antioxidant throughout the day. Next, a blood circulation booster roller face massage offers a moment of respite to the busy mother. “If we don’t love ourselves, we can’t love ourselves properly,” she says with a smile. Next, Ciara takes a short dance break while a 111Skin Sheet Mask supercharges her skin, followed by moisturizer, lip balm, and sunscreen.

After, Ciara applies a few drops of La La Anthony’s Inala Power Potion at its edges to promote growth before diving into makeup. Then, she begins to unify her complexion with a preparatory serum and The NYX Correct and Conceal Palette. She goes on to explain that since the start of her career, she’s been committed to relying less on heavy makeup and more on embracing her natural beauty. “[I want to feel like] I’m just as elegant, just as beautiful without the dramatic makeup that I often do,” she explains. In fact, she counts her glam in her recent “Jump” music video as one of her favorites.

Patricia J. Callender