Best Nest Wellness Mama Bird® Prenatal Vitamins provide essential brain nutrients for moms and their growing babies

Neurologist-designed vitamins provide smart nutrition for a growing bra and body

DENVER, September 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Best Nest Wellness announced today that it has expanded its line of Mama Bird prenatal vitamins to meet the growing needs of consumers in their family planning journey. Mama Bird Prenatal Vitamins are designed to support every stage of preconception and pregnancy by providing essential nutrients to the brains of mothers and their growing babies.

“A healthy brain starts before birth,” says co-founder and co-CEO, Madhavi Gupta, MD. “Supporting brain development at every stage of life has a significant impact on the next stage and our Mama Bird Prenatal Vitamins are designed to provide essential nutrients to the brains of babies and their mothers. We believe the best ingredients make the best vitamins, so we select each ingredient for its optimal nutrient level and bioavailability.”

Current best sellers include Mama Bird Prenatal Multi+®, Mama Bird AM/PM Prenatal Multi+ ®, Mama Bird Prenatal DHA®, Mama Bird Vegan Prenatal DHA® and Mama Bird Probiotics®. The company launched new Mama Bird products in Spring and Summer 2022 to include Mama Bird Liquid Prenatal Multi+®, Mama Bird Protein Powder® and Mama Bird Morning Sickness Relief®.

Promotes proper growth and development of baby’s tissues and organs and increases blood supply during pregnancy. This vanilla-flavored formulation promotes breast and uterine tissue growth and helps mom recover after childbirth. Mama Bird Protein Powder is an organic vegetable protein with 9 essential amino acids. It is made without soy, sugar, animal products or GMOs and is certified organic.

Mama Bird Prenatal Liquid Multi +

Mama Bird Liquid Prenatal Multi+ supports healthy neurological development, promotes energy production and improves memory and brain processing speed with active methylated vitamins. This is a natural, vegan, whole food based, strawberry flavored multivitamin made with a blend of organic superfoods, prebiotics and a blend of digestive enzymes to be gentle on the stomach.

This formulation quickly relieves symptoms of nausea and morning sickness and is gentle and safe for mother and baby. It combines ginger extract + whole ginger root for full-spectrum activity. Highly concentrated, with 10% gingerols and other soothing compounds that include cellulase to completely break down fibers and release plant-based actives.

Mama Bird Vitamins contain organic herbs, probiotics and digestive enzymes to make the stomach as easy as possible, while providing essential nutrients for mother and baby. Methylfolate, iron and methylated vitamin B12 are some of the stars of the formula, supporting everything from energy to brain development.

Best Nest Wellness, based in Denver, Colorado manufactures high quality vitamins, supplements and nutritional products based on the latest medical advances coupled with nature’s wisdom for parents, expectant parents and families. Award-winning neurologist, Dr. Madhavi Gupta formulates all Best Nest products. Named the “Dr. mama brain , Dr. Gupta uses his knowledge of neurology and natural medicine to create brain-boosting vitamins to help families thrive. For more information, visit Best Nest Wellness at

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