19 products for clear skin if you exercise often


Courtesy of Megan Roup

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After nearly a year of social distancing, we’ve all become pros at adapting our entire lives, especially our beauty routines, to staying home. If, like so many others, this moment inspired you to step into the home workout game, then you probably already know fitness pro Megan Roup, founder of the beloved workout app The Sculpt Society. . You might recognize Roup as the dancer-turned-trainer known for keeping countless models and celebrities in fight shape, but now she’s sharing her rousing workouts with anyone who has a screen and a call to sweat. Since the start of the pandemic, the app has grown 700%, signaling that its accessible cardio dance classes are not only effective but also fun. Honestly, what else could you ask for from a workout?

It’s no secret that fitness is one of the best ways to support physical and emotional well-being, but breaking a sweat on a daily basis comes with its challenges. Aside from the disruption of our meticulously planned hair washing schedules, you might be concerned that the increased secretion could impact your skin as well. According to Roup, this is not really the case! “I think what you eat is extremely important for skin health as well as for exercise,” she tells us. As someone who grew up with relatively fair skin, Roup assures us that his switch to daily sweats never resulted in heavy breakouts. “Fortunately, I always had fair enough skin growing up. I would and still have occasional breakouts, but I’ve never suffered from hormonal acne like so many children,” she says. Her main skin problems these days? Drought and melasma.

Patricia J. Callender