11 great prenatal vitamins for anyone who is pregnant or trying to be

One last thing before we dive in: the United States Food and Drug Administration does not regulate the safety or effectiveness of supplements, and there is a lot of talk in the supplement world (and general nutrition) about definitions. terms like organic and the effectiveness of products like probiotics. While it is clear that doctors recommend a strong prenatal vitamin with the vitamins and minerals mentioned for the healthiest pregnancies possible, companies may choose to add other optional elements to their prenatal formulas that may or may not have. proven health benefits. If you want – and can – go for a prenatal pregnancy with all the bells and whistles, great! But choosing not to do it or not having the means to do it doesn’t automatically mean something negative either.

1. An economical prenatal vitamin

Yes, many prenatal vitamins (including some below) can come at a steep price. But Up & Up prenatal care is a fantastic, lower cost option that meets the daily pregnancy needs of vitamin D, iron, folic acid, and more. And you only need to take one tablet per day.

Up & Up Prenatal Vitamin Food Supplement Tablets

2. A gummy prenatal vitamin

Prefer a prenatal vitamin that tastes good? These can be some of the best prenatal candies for this need. They come in lemon and raspberry lemonade flavors and help you achieve 100% of all of the key nutrients that support a healthy pregnancy.

Vitafusion PreNatal Adult Gummies

3. An organic prenatal vitamin

If you’re looking for a vegan, organic prenatal that doesn’t contain any synthetic binders or fillers, there are a few options to consider, but we love Garden of Life Prenatal Vitamins. They contain 21 essential vitamins and minerals, as well as organic ginger and peppermint, which can help relieve symptoms of nausea.

Garden of Life Prenatal Vitamins

4. A prenatal vitamin with choline

According to 2019 Nutrients to research, many prenatal vitamins lack choline and less than 10% of pregnant women get enough. Choline intake is important because the nutrient promotes tissue expansion, brain development, and gene expression in fetuses. So if you’re looking for a prenatal that contains this key ingredient, this formula combines probiotics, vitamins, and of course, 300 milligrams of choline.

Mama Bird AM PM Prenatal Multi +

Mama Bird AM PM Prenatal Multi +

5. A liquid prenatal vitamin

If swallowing pills is a challenge, you can mix these liquids with your drink of choice, like your smoothie or morning juice. (Keep in mind that liquid prenatal supplements tend to be expensive, especially since you have over 9 months to take them and a bottle is only 32 servings!)

6. A great all-rounder prenatal vitamin

Rainbow Light Prenatal One Vitamin provides probiotics and enzymes, plus over 20 essential vitamins and minerals. This also contains choline as well as calcium. This is a great prenatal to take if you have trouble remembering to take a vitamin several times a day.

7. A prenatal vitamin of plant origin

Not all prenatal vitamins are compatible with a vegan or even vegetarian diet (sometimes the way vitamins are made contains animal by-products), but Mary Ruth’s Vegan Prenatal is. This supplement includes vitamin D3, iron, folate, B12, and selenium, as well as a suite of probiotics!

Mary Ruth’s Vegan Prenatal + Probiotic

8. A solo folic acid option

Since folate (and its synthetic form, folic acid) is the main prenatal vitamin crown jewel, you can choose to stick with your regular multivitamin (if you have one) and add one. supplement with folate before you start trying to conceive. This supplement contains 800 micrograms of folate. “Some women cannot effectively process folic acid – and they might not know it – so I generally recommend vitamins that contain folate,” says Dr. Samuel.

Nature’s Bounty Folic Acid Supplement

9. A prenatal vitamin subscription

Prenatal Multivitamin Ritual

10. A personalized prenatal vitamin pack

After a comprehensive questionnaire on your conception goals, fitness, diet, sleep, etc., Care / Of will recommend a personalized vitamin pack, which may include the company’s prenatal formula as well as any other vitamins. extra that their algorithm thinks you could benefit from. Care / Of also gives you a quick rundown of research into the effectiveness of each pill in your pack and offers a subscription option to keep your choices automatic.

Personalized Prenatal Care / Of Vitamin Pack

11. A chewable prenatal vitamin

This chewable vitamin is ideal for those who have trouble swallowing large capsules. It also contains a well-balanced formula. For example, it contains vitamin B6, which can help relieve nausea during pregnancy.


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